Greetings friends,

I’m Alfred Cedeno, the world’s foremost curator of the tall tales of Rey Pescador and his bizarre group of friends: the Genius Brigade. I write about them in my novel The Resurrection of Rey Pescador (Winslet 2014).

You have a couple of options on this site. The first thing you should do is order my book:

If you’re not ready to purchase this novel solely based on the cover design and the fact that it is clearly the work of a Irish/Puerto Rican novelist par excellence, then you can read the blurb below and explore the site.

I will add that it is a strange novel. One reviewer said, “There are weird characters in this book, and by that, I mean, you will love them.” If you want to know more about the characters and read some bonus materials and deleted scenes, check out the Genius Brigade section.

About the Novel

You are invited to a world where everyone has mechanical hearts.

That is, everyone except Rey Pescador. You want to know him. You just can’t help it. And it’s not just his beating heart that lures you into this story. It’s the depths and heights of his journey that draw you into the tales of this legendary figure.

He’s incredible. He’s Rey Pescador. He’s boxed heavyweights. He’s freestyled in front of stadiums. He’s fought robots, but, for years, Rey Pescador’s greatest adventure remained a mystery.

Until Now.