Greetings friends,

I’m Alfred Cedeno, the world’s foremost curator of stories about Rey Pescador and his bizarre group of friends: the Genius Brigade. I write about them in my upcoming novel The Resurrection of Rey Pescador (Winslet 2014). This site is new and will probably morph into something even more beautiful and true, but until that time, it gives you a brief look into the world of Rey Pescador.

Here are some things you need to know when entering the world of the GB:

#1-Most of the curated material will be told by Rey’s cousin David Rosario. You won’t be able to find either Rey or David Rosario on linkedin or twitter because they are from a different universe, some say a fictional one. Though there are certainly believers out there.

#2-Rey’s world is fantastic. I am using both meanings of that word. Even within Rey’s bizarre reality, he is a larger-than-life character: think Kanye West and Bono in one beautiful Latino shell.

#3-Rey’s world is slightly more technologically advanced, mostly in the field of biomedical science. That is because Sid Cutler is still alive in Rey’s universe. In ours he is dead. That is pretty much the only difference. Sid created artificial hearts that every human on the planet is required to receive at birth. People live much, much longer, perhaps indefinitely (if the singularity happens in that universe).

#4-If you like stories, you will love this story. I sure do.

Contact me with questions or if you want an advanced copy to review.

Like me on facebook. Follow me on twitter. I’ll follow back, unless you creep me out or something.

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