About the Author

Alfred Cedeno believes human beings are made of three parts: saint, sinner, and robot. He explores all three in his fiction.

When he isn’t writing fiction, he teaches literature and writing, watches Doctor Who with his wife, and plays the types of imaginary games that a father of toddler girls plays—that is to say he is often the king of a castle.

He blogs here about technology, education, and theology and anything else that he finds interesting. Some of these posts are from the defunct blog “The Guilty Conscience,” others are simply ramblings from his journal.

His primary stories about larger-than-life poet Rey Pescador, and his equally famous friends, The Genius Brigade. He began blogging about these characters in 2006. His upcoming novel (Winslet Press, July 2014) chronicles Rey Pescador’s search for meaning and adventure in a metal world that has forgotten both. He thinks you should buy it. Like him on FB to get more info.